So far with 2018

Still into photography. Haven’t posted since 2017. I will just have random photos I’ve taken for the past months. Been to some places, see friends and went home to my homeland in the Philippines last March and learn new things from photography. Let me share some of my snaps.


We love to see bright colors in spring. Flowers are the ones captured the beauty in springtime. Its always the start of new offspring. Wanting for sure we would love to see the beauty, bloosom flowers and comes in different colors, texture and fragrance. A brighter day always lightens up a fellow soul.

Live the feeling!

IMG_1419 (2)It’s me again after a while. I always want to feel the breeze of fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of the city chaos and fast paced of moving people. Its always a great breathtaking. There’s a choice and just go the flow of what you feel like.


Time is very important to keep track the day. With the most fast paced in life today, we nearly forgot what is important to spend time with loved ones. By the time I took this photo is the father and sons bonding. Maybe its a short time to spend walking at the park, but its the moment they are together is the important part of the day. Let’s keep our time be precious in every time that is counting.


Things can be drastically change. Apart from different seasons, the change of mood in the environment will likely to change. One way to be delightful is to make things beautiful in your sight. Appreciation of little things around us. The blooming flowers in spring, the chilly breeze of air, the afternoon walk in the park. Feel free yourself to appreciate small things in a different perspective.